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Setting up a macro in Word to paste unformatted text

As a developer, I frequently need to copy and paste code into Microsoft Word documents, but often want to remove the formatting in the process.

This post explains how to set up a macro, and associate it with a keyboard shortcut, to do the equivalent of Edit -> Paste Special -> Unformatted Text. I have tested it on Word: Mac 2011.

1. Click on the Developer Tab of the Ribbon

Word-Developer-TabIf you cannot see the Ribbon tab, click Word -> Preferences and ensure that the Developer checkbox is selected.


2. Record the Macro

Click Record

Specify a name (e.g. PasteUnformatted) and click OK

Now click the menu option you want to recreate. In this example Edit -> Paste Special -> Unformatted Text -> OK

Click Stop


3. Assign a keyboard shortcut

Tools -> Customize Keyboard… -> Categories: -> Macros


The macro you just recorded should now be listed on the right hand side. Click it and the enter you new shortcut (e.g. press Command-Shift-V). Important: be sure to click Assign!

Click OK.

This post also covers assigning a hot key,


You should now be able to copy and paste formatted text, click Cmd-Shit-V and have it pasted as unformatted text.


Word 2011: paste unformatted (plain) text with Cmd+V shortcut



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