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Where is the Diagonal key?!

I try to use keyboard shortcuts wherever I can, but struggled recently to find the ‘Diagonal’ key. This post shows how to find it, and any other hidden keys, using Apple’s Keyboard Viewer app.

So, I was recently trying to find the page up/down short cuts in IntelliJ.

All key shortcuts in IntelliJ can be found under Preferences (aka settings) ->  IDE Settings -> Keymap, and there I found:


But where are the diagonal arrow keys!?

On a Mac (I am on OS X 10.9 Mavericks),

  • Go to System Preferences Keyboard -> Keyboard
  • Select Show Keyboard and Character Viewers in menu bar
  • Now at the top right hand side of you screen, beside the clock, you should see a new menu, from which you can select ‘Show Keyboard Viewer’

You should see a picture like this:



Now hold down various keys to see what other keys become available. For example, holding down the function key will reveal the mysterious diagonal key:


You can now see that the diagonal keys are in fact Function with left or right arrow.

Hold Shift, Control, Option and Command to their resultant keyboards and special characters.



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  1. suneel |

    Thank you. This was pretty helpful for a mac newbie.

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