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Setting up multiple instances of Tomcat

With multiple tomcat instances, each can run in its own JVM, have its own configuration and can be started/stopped independently.

One approach to doing this would be to have multiple, full tomcat installations. This article instead details how to install tomcat once (in CATALINA_HOME) but have multiple independent instances (by utilizing CATALINA_BASE). This is a more streamlined approach that makes creating multiple instances easier and also simplifies upgrades/rollbacks of tomcat.

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Ant build file to redeploy to Tomcat

Here is an example of an ant file that redeploys a web project to tomat. The neat thing is that as well as creating the war file, it also stops and restarts tomcat, all from ant.
I have found myself rewriting variations of this on a couple of projects recently, so I thought it was worth posting…
(Note it doesn’t include a compile target as I am doing it from my IDE)






And here is an example of the associated file

	tomcat.home=C:/Program Files/Apache/tomcat

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