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Kubernetes HelloWorld

This tutorial covers how to deploy a simple HelloWorld app on Kubernetes, and expose it externally (as you might for a UI service, for example).

I found setting up the Kube cluster deployment very straightforward, but making it externally accessible much trickier, however it boils down to just two commands:

    $ kubectl create -f boothello-deployment.yaml

    $ kubectl expose -f boothello-service.yaml


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Why use containers?

Containers, and the supporting orchestration platforms, are increasingly popular tools for deploying applications. This article focuses on why you would want to use a container ecosystem. While there are many reasons, including portability and reduced boot times (compared to VMs), this article concentrates on security and cost.

We will focus on Docker, since it is by far the most dominant container, and on Kubernetes, since it seems to have “won” against alternatives such as Swarm and Mesos.


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Kubernetes Admin GUI

docker for mac now comes with Kubernetes support built in to it. It is now the easiest way to experiment with Kubernetes locally (previously,  minikube seemed to be the easiest way). This feature was announced at DockerCon Europe in late 2017 and is supported in docker for mac versions 17.12.0-ce-mac45 or later. Note however, you do need to use the Edge version.

When you get Kubernetes running via docker for mac, you can access the admin GUI as follows…


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