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JSP EL statements not being evaluated

On several occasions I have had problems with EL (Expression Language) statements not being evaluated.
As an example, you add a statement to a JSP like
$(2+2), expecting the JSP to simply display 4, when it in fact displays the raw statement, i.e. $(2+2).

After digging around the web, I found a number of points to check…

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So what exactly is Java Enterprise Edition?

Although I am a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, and have worked with much of the J2EE family, I thought that with all the recent changes introduced in the latest version, JEE 5, it was worth writing a short article giving an overview of JEE to remind me of where it all stands.

See JEE.

Update: I just saw this posting on TheServerSide related to the upcoming JEE 6 release…

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