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Git Branching Strategies

Some quick notes on different Git Branching strategies.

I am covering the 3 main strategies, and discussing them in increasing order of complexity: GitHub Flow, GitLab Flow and Git Flow.


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Git revert a merged branch

The article discusses how to revert changes that have already been pushed to your remote git branch, particularly reverting the changes that come from a branch merge.


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Live Templates in IntelliJ

As described here, IntelliJ’s live templates let you easily insert predefined code fragments into your source code.
I have posted some of my most used templates below, a link to my complete list of template files on GitHub (as a reference for myself when I setup new IntelliJ environments) and the steps I took to add the IntelliJ settings file to GitHub.

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How to add a project to GitHub

Although the GitHub docs contains good info on how to add an existing GitHub project to your local machine, how to add an existing (unversioned) project from your local machine to GitHub was a little less clear to me. Here are the steps I use.


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GitHub SSH key audit

Got this error recently when trying to do a fetch from github in Intellij:

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
ERROR: Hi sabram, it’s GitHub. We’re doing an SSH key audit.

Vague error but finally figured out that it is related to Github’s recent security compromise and that I needed to verify my SSH keys.

Couldn’t find much about the error on Google, so maybe this post will help someone else!