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Posting to LinkedIn

I find LinkedIn a useful platform for publishing content and reaching a wider audience than this blog does. I typically see better engagement on LinkedIn than I do from posting the same content on Twitter too.

But every time I go to post, I get confused between a post and an article.

When you log into LinkedIn, you will see both options:

Which should you use?


Posts seem to be intended for shorter updates, perhaps with a link to more information at your own blog, or some other site. When posting you get options on how to share:

The limit for posts is 1300 characters (according to this, and a quick test confirmed).


Articles are intended as more substantive content. For example, a lengthier piece of original content, or even posting the contents from one of your existing blog posts but now directly on LinkedIn, as a way to get it more visible. The limits for articles 40,000 characters. Articles also have more tools and formatting options. You will typically be directed to use the Publisher tool.


I like this summary from here, that says:

Use a “Post” when your message is short and/or links to third party content . Use an “Article” if you message is longer than just a paragraph and is largely your own thoughts.


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