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MyMoney – A simple SpringMVC app

I created a small, open source web app called MyMoney for entering and tracking spending details. It allows you to create accounts (for example Cash or Checking) and enter transactions associated with those accounts.

(Previously I had the code deployed on a CloudBees instance at, but CloudBees have since unfortunately shut down their free tier).

Similar to the simple HelloWorld SpringMVC app I posted a while ago, I created this as a way to get more familiar with certain technologies, rather than as a serious app. It uses JSP/CSS on the front end, Java & Spring MVC on the server with a MySQL database accessed via Hibernate (as well as the in-memory HSQLDB database for tests).

It also utilizes Continuous Deployment. Any new check-ins are automatically tested and built (using maven) and deployed using Jenkins and CloudBees.

There are a bunch of things I will do differently on the next pet project I undertake, such as using MyBatis instead of Hibernate (this post sums up my current feelings very well), utilizing Selenium and using Twitter Bootstrap instead of raw css, but for now, I am shelving this project in its current form and moving on.

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