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Leadership lessons from our road infrastructure investments

I loved this article in the Washington Post. It is ostensibly about how “We fixed I-95 in 12 days”, and “lessons for U.S. infrastructure”, but I think it is really invaluable lessons about leadership in general…

1. Empower strong leadership

“Managers of every component of the project were empowered to be decisive, take ownership and make a call when necessary — not defer and delay to the often-circular bureaucracy.”

2. Speed up the bureaucracy

To avoid delays, cut the bureaucracy and fast-track the process by relying on your experienced team to make the right calls.   requirements were waived completely. Crucially, do all of this while maintaining safety (and quality) standards.

3. Encourage creativity

Allow everyone to bring their ideas forward. You will move faster and people will feel real ownership in the project.

4. Work together

For the I95 “project, local, state and federal officials coordinated closely with each other.

In your world, that may mean ensuring that Software is coordinating and collaborating with peer departments such as Legal, Marketing, and Security.


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