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Kubernetes Admin GUI

docker for mac now comes with Kubernetes support built in to it. It is now the easiest way to experiment with Kubernetes locally (previously,  minikube seemed to be the easiest way). This feature was announced at DockerCon Europe in late 2017 and is supported in docker for mac versions 17.12.0-ce-mac45 or later. Note however, you do need to use the Edge version.

When you get Kubernetes running via docker for mac, you can access the admin GUI as follows…

1. Deploy the dasboard

The Dashboard UI is not deployed by default so you need to deploy it using the following command:

    kubectl create -f

2. Make the dashboard accessible

There are many ways you can make the dashboard accessible but I found the easiest way to be using the command line proxy. Simply run this command:

    kubectl proxy

3. Access the UI

Finally, access the ui via:


You should then see something like this:

This is all covered here:

An alternative, slightly more complex, approach is described here:

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