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JavaFX Plugin for Eclipse – too buggy?

After attending a meetup on JavaFX last month, I have been trying to get more familiar with the technology. I know that NetBeans is the ‘recommended‘ IDE for JavaFX, but I am an Eclipse devotee and thought that surely anything NetBeans can do Eclipse can do. Not in this case it seems.

Some simple JavaFX script just don’t seem to work with the Eclipse plugin. For example, the following snippet:

Stage {
    title: "Nodes"
    scene: Scene {
        fill: Color.LIGHTBLUE
        width: 220
        height: 170

Causes the following error:

incompatible types found: integer required: com.sun.javafx.runtime.location.FloatVariable

The same snippet compiled and ran straight off when I tried it before in NetBeans.

The only posting on it I could find is here. I took the advice and downgraded to JavaFX 1.0, which seems to have done the trick for now. If anyone out there has any suggestions on better solutions/fixes, I would love to hear them.

This isn’t the first time I’ve spotted some better GUI related functionality in NetBeans than in Eclipse (e.g. I briefly mentioned the NetBeans GUI Builder tool a while ago). There is no chance of me stopping using Eclipse completely, but maybe I will start using both…

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2 Responses to “JavaFX Plugin for Eclipse – too buggy?”

  1. kaio |

    The Eclipse Plugin is not “buggy” in that way…it is just not up-to-date. I don’t know why nobody put a little effort in this yet, or why someone should prefer a NetBeans Plugin. Maybe just a lack of interested Eclipse developers 🙂

  2. admin |

    Hey Kaoi,
    Thanks for posting.

    I think by up-to-date you mean that the plugin doesn’t support v1.1 of JavaFX. It’s difficult to know as the plugin docs (e.g. don’t seem to say what version of JavaFX is actually supported.

    A couple of things led me to believe this was a bug rather than a versioning issue though – and one that now seems to have been fixed. The first was this posting mentioning that a bug had been logged:

    The second being this corresponding Jira entry:

    You may need to create an account to view it, but it is flagged as now being fixed.

    Clearly Martin Ryzl and the rest of the team working on the Eclipse plugin for JavaFX are working hard to resolve these teething issues…


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