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Keyboard shortcuts in Mac finder

Following on from my IntelliJ shortcuts, here are some useful Mac finder shortcuts…

  • Cmd-N: new Finder window
  • Cmd-Accent (`): navigate through open Finder windows
  • left, right, up, or down: move through the Finder folders/files; combine with typing first few leters of file/folder name for faster navigation
  • Shift+Cmd+C: open your Finder window to all the devices, volumes, and network resources you have access to
  • Cmd-O: open a file or folder
  • Ctrl-F2:¬†Focus in the menu bar

Other useful navigation shortcuts are:

  • Cmd-Shift-A: Open the Applications folder
  • Command-Shift-H: Open your home folder
  • Cmd-Shift-G: Go to Folder – opens a dialog like this:




OS X: Keyboard shortcuts

Navigating the finder with the keyboard


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