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Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) released

Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) was released last week. I’ve been using the Release Candidates for a while, but the official release seems like a good time to post about some of the new features available that have been of most use to me…

  • An Open Implementation hyperlink has been added for overridable methods (you hold down the Ctrl key click on the overridable method to the list of implementing classes). I had been using the Implementors plugin to provide similar functionality, but it’s nice to finally have it as part of the standard release.
  • The Java compare editor now supports new text editing features like move/copy/delete line and formatting, and updates its structure while you are typing inside the editor
  • Introduction of a toString() generator
  • Although the ability to generate hashCode and equals methods was already present, the compiler can now detect whether a class overrides one but not the other (hence breaking this golden rule from Effective Java)
  • The compiler offers several new diagnostics, including finding dead code and warning when comparing identical values (e.g. would flag if var==var), along with suggested fixes.
  • The Memory Analyzer tool now comes built in
  • The JUnit4 version shipped with Eclipse has been updated to 4.5.

As well as some little but handy enhancements like:

  • Double clicking on the beginning or end marker of a comment now selects the whole comment.

  • In the headers of Javadoc hovers and the Javadoc view, references to other types and members are now links.

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