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Dev Environment Setup

This post covers some of the basic steps I need to do each time to setup my dev environment on a new mac. I use this post in conjunction with the mac tools post.

  • Git
    • Install git – I usually run “git -version” from the command line and you’ll be prompted to install XCode.
    • Generate a new SSH key (see here), otherwise you will get errors like:

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.)

I personally use a blank password when prompted by ssh-keygen, since access requires access to the private key. For more details on passwords see

If you already have an ssh key but want to use an additional one (e.g. work vs personal github accounts), you can modify your ~/.ssh/config to specify different credentials for different domains. See Remember that the contents of any new file that you create need to be copied into your Github profile -> Settings -> SSH and GPG Keys -> Add new SSH key


  • Java
  • Bash
    • Pull down my bash scripts from (into ~/dev)
    • echo “source ~/dev/scripts/.bash_profile” > ~/.bash_profile
    • Since .bash_profile_ext contains company specific settings, I do not make it public and instead sore it in github. Copy to ~
    • Download git-completion.bash to ~
  • AWS
    • Install the AWS CLI – see
  • Tools
    •  Brew
      • To install, see
    • Maven
      • $ brew install maven

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