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AWS approximate storage costs

This post covers some high-level cost approximations for data storage in AWS. I find this a useful rule of thumb, and please see the long list of caveats and notes below, but as a rough approximation of ballpark costs…

  • EFS – 30c per GB per month
  • EBS – 10c per GB per month
  • S3 – 2c per GB per month
  • S3 Infrequent Access – 1c per GB per month
  • S3 Glacier – 0.5c per GB per month)

More specifically:

Storage Type Approximate Storage Cost

per GB per month

EFS $0.30 (1, 2)
EBS IOPS SSD (IO1) $0.125 (3, 4)
EBS SSD (GP2) $0.10 (3, 4)
EBS HDD (ST1) $0.045 (3, 4)
EBS Cold HDD (SC1) $0.025 (3, 4)
S3 – Standard $0.023 (5, 6)
S3 – IA $0.0125 (5, 6)
S3 – One Zone IA $0.01 (5, 6)
S3 – Glacier $0.004 (5, 6)

Now for all the important caveats:

  • Please see the AWS links below for more accurate, complete and up to date costs. Or use the AWS storage cost calculator.
  • The prices I used from AWS as reference are valid as of July 2018, but will quickly become out of date.
  • All prices are approximations only, may vary by region, may exclude tax and other charges etc.
  • The costs shown cover storage only. They do not show total costs. There may for example be minimum costs regardless of usage, costs for partial usage, and additional data costs for access/throughput/sync etc.
  • It is worth noting that whereas storage is cheaper for the less accessed data, access charges are typically more expensive. For example
    • Standard S3 Select is $0.0007 per GB
    • S3 IA Select is $0.01 per GB



  1. See also Actual prices vary by region. There are additional costs not covered here, including Throughput (Provisioned Throughput or Bursting Throughput) and File Sync costs.
  2. EFS costs are per GB-month of used storage
  3. See also There may be additional costs based on IOPS-month and File Sync etc.
  4. EBS costs are per GB-month of provisioned storage
  5. See also
  6. S3 standard costs are based on first 50 TB. Costs drop with increase usage e.g. drops to 0.021 per Gb for over 500 TB / Month (with usual disclaimers of approximate, varies by region etc etc)

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