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Hello, World! Fáilte. ¡hola! Bienvenue.

Read on for my blog musings, connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter, email at , or chat with me on keybase.


My most recent talk was “Ship It!”, about DevOps, at Boise ’17.

As well as posts on Microservices and REST, I’ve given related talks at Silicon Valley ’15, Las Vegas ’15 and LA ’14 and blogged on Versioning APIs.

I’ve given talks on testing including Unit Testing – The Hard Parts in NYC ’15 and Software Quality via Unit Testing in Arizona ’12 and have blogged on Test DoublesTesting for expected exceptions and various open-source libraries including AssertJFESTHamcrest and Easymock.

I am also an advocate of dependency injection in general and the Spring framework in particular, and gave my first code camp talk on An Introduction to Spring ’09 in LA.

There are also a few posts on unix command line tools, including sedgrep, find and awk, as well as Java concepts including Java 8Checked Exceptions, and Exceptions vs Return Values.