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Is Sun’s Java Certification Model changing?

Although I was unfortunately unable to attend Java One last month, I did spot this post on TheServerSide about how Sun announced the Java Certification process may be changing from a rote memorization approach to a more hands-on coding approach.

As someone who has taken the SCJP and SCEA exams, and blogged about it’s pros and cons, I am interested to hear about any changes or improvements.

Unfortunately the only info on the web I can find is this blog posting linked to from the article. There doesn’t seem to be anything posted on the certification part of Sun’s web site. If anyone has any information of the new format, I’d love to hear it!

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2 Responses to “Is Sun’s Java Certification Model changing?”

  1. Moretto |

    What does it means for the people that already are SCJP certified? Does SCJP lost value? Do i need to do this Plus certification as a grade to do SCJD and others?

    What a shame….

  2. admin |

    You won’t lose you SCJP certification. You have earned it and no one can take that away from you 🙂
    But yes, I believe certifications lose value over time as they become older and less relevant (e.g. SCJP for Java 1.0 isn’t much use to anyone anymore) and the SCJP being retired and replaced with SJPPC exacerbates this.

    Currently, prior to attempting any ‘Master’ level Sun certification (including SCJD all the way through to SCEA), candidates must be SCJP certified. I believe this prerequisite will change to SCJP or SJPPC certified.

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