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Dev Environment Setup

This post covers some of the basic steps I need to do each time to setup my dev environment on a new mac. I use this post in conjunction with the mac tools post.

  • Git
    • Install git – I usually run “git -version” from the command line and you’ll be prompted to install XCode.
    • Generate a new SSH key (see here), otherwise you will get errors like:

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.)

  • Java
  • Bash
    • Pull down my bash scripts from (into ~/dev)
    • echo “source ~/dev/scripts/.bash_profile” > ~/.bash_profile
    • Since .bash_profile_ext contains company specific settings, I do not make it public and instead sore it in github. Copy to ~
    • Download git-completion.bash to ~
  • AWS
    • Install the AWS CLI – see
  • Tools
    •  Brew
      • To install, see
    • Maven
      • $ brew install maven

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